Cheap used Shipping Containers for sale

Steel shipping containers are for sale and being used around the world today, it’s important to understand what the different types have to offer if you plan to work with them. Some people want to build houses out of them, others run transportation businesses that depend on them. No matter what you wish to do with the cargo containers, you need to know the different types and their benefits.

After you have a good understanding of the different shipping containers and their uses, you can begin looking at used  cargo containers and figure out which ones you may actually want to buy. Used shipping container prices are usually pretty affordable, and many businesses and builders rely on used containers to keep the cost of their jobs low.

Used shipping containers for sale

Finding used shipping containers for sale is easy with Nationwide!

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Dry Van Used Cargo Containers.

Dry cargo containers are the most common type and one of the most heavily used throughout the world. These are the sealed containers that don’t have any ventilation. They also don’t have any heating or cooling systems built in them. Typically these are the most affordable shipping containers and the 40′ shipping container prices are enough to inspire builders to create homes from them.

That’s why there are a range of different shipping container house plans available today, and more than a couple of shipping container homes that you can actually go and look at. If you plan on building your own shipping container house, you should consider making it from dry van containers, because they’re your best option. Another thing is that bids on these containers are often quite low.

Open Top Steel Containers for Sale.

Open top shipping containers are exactly as the name describes them. They are basically box shipping containers made from rigid metal that don’t have any tops at all.

These  used cargo containers are often used for larger items that would not fit in the door of a dry van shipping container. They are also used for very delicate items such as sheet glass. These containers are still sealed up, but a canvas is placed over the top of the container to create a sealed box, and there are four metal posts at the top corners to offer support for stacking.

Finding shipping container for sale is more difficult than standard van containers because they are much less common. You will notice that bids for used shipping containers for sale of this type occur much more rapidly, and by more people because they are difficult to find.

 Buy a used shipping container in your state.

Reefer storage container.

A reefer tank looks like a standard dry van shipping container, but it is insulated on the inside and the temperature is regulated. Some of these containers are kept warm and others are kept at cold temperatures to preserve the items within.

These shipping containers are commonly cooled with dry ice so that no outside power source is needed. When they need to be heated, or more cooling is required a mechanical heater or chiller is used to maintain the temperature of the unit. Many times power is used from the port, or ship that the container is placed on to power these containers.

Be careful when looking for used cargo containers for sale if they have heating or cooling systems built in them. Unlike the more basic dry van style, these containers wear out faster, and it is more likely that you will have problems in much older models. If you do want to get these temperature controlled cargo shipping containers for sale, make sure that you buy some that are only a few years old to avoid any major problems.

Used shipping containers for sale

Used shipping containers for sale are easy to find in steel cargo box shapes

 Used Cargo Container


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